Hazel & Ruby: DIY Decor Tape Burlap Panel


This burlap panel is a perfect gift for a special friend or to decorate a room. It serves a reminder that we are all beautiful in our own uniqueness. The bright and funky colors of the Floralicious DIY Décor Tape add a cheerful tone to the panel. The classic black and white Damask DIY Décor Tape sets the background for the gold letters. Here is a fun and easy way to create letters, words or phrases created from the Gold DIY Décor Tape.

Supplies used:


Cut a 3 x 8” strip of Floralicious DIY Décor Tape. Adhere the strip 1” from the left edge of the panel, wrapping it around to the back of the panel. Cut a 2 x 8” strip of Damask DIY Décor Tape. Adhere the strip next to the floral tape, wrapping it around to the back of the panel. Adhere the Wonder tape or any other double-sided tape to the left edge of the floral strip as well as over the floral and damask join. Sprinkle glitter onto the exposed adhesive tape ensuring the glitter does not spread onto the panel. (TIP: Place a plain sheet of paper next to the tape before sprinkling with glitter. Carefully lift paper and decant the glitter back into the container).


Adhere a flower section of the Floralicious DIY Décor Tape onto chipboard and fussy cut a flower and leaf and adhere to the floral panel. Wrap a double strand of jute around the panel, tying a bow to secure. Wrap tulle around panel and tie a bow. Add a black button to the centre of the bow. Add two pearl dressmaker pins to the jute bow.


Adhere the Gold 4” DIY Décor Tape strips to a 6 x 12” piece of chipboard.


Place the covered chipboard onto the alphabet die and run through a die-cutting machine. Place and adhere the relevant letters to the panel. Keep the rest of the letters to use on another project or layout. Add a few coral sequins to the burlap panel.

Now your BE YOU TIFUL burlap panel is ready to hang or give as a gift to a friend.

– Glenda Viljoen

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